2018-2019 Scholarship & Grant Award Winners

View the award winners for the 2018-2019 year!

Amina El Gammal

To me, being a Phi Sigma Sigma means that I am part of something bigger than me that pushes me to be the best version of myself.

Annie Brethour

Thank you to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation for giving so many of us the opportunity to just focus on school. It is such a gift to have financial support from your sisters when you are struggling through school.

Sheela Joles

I wouldn't have this scholarship if it wasn't for my sisters’ initiative and the incredible service the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation provides.

Christine Fillmore

Phi Sigma Sigma was central to my life as a collegian, but I didn't really expect it to have the same impact after graduation.

Chelsey Wade

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the opportunity to be awarded an educational grant. The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation has impacted my life and my family's life.

Mel Klinger

As I planned for my senior year, I was faced with tough choices. Despite working two part-time jobs, I realized it just wasn’t enough. I would have to either postpone graduation or take on more student debt.

Abby Jameson

I will be forever thankful to the Foundation for seeing potential in my dream and helping to support it and I hope to one day be able to give back and support sisters like myself.

Nicole Fosko

With support from the sisterhood that I am already so indebted to, I can become the physician I have always dreamed of with a little extra weight off my shoulders.

Katya Rodriguez

Attending grad school will help me gain the knowledge and skills required to create policies that will ultimately provide equal opportunity for all students to succeed.

Allyson Watson

I am filled with thanks that the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation gave me the opportunity to attend “Social Tilt” this year through their Professional Development Grant.

Michelle Castro

I understand the power of giving and believe that any investment in the Foundation yields positive results for Phi Sigma Sigma members like me.

Lily Moldan

I would absolutely recommend UIFI to anybody within the Greek Life community. It will change you as a person and give you the tools to change your campus for the better.

Elizabethe Bell

To be a recipient of the Compassion Grant not only gave me the financial means to stay at my university and to resume my leadership positions on campus, but it also gave me a reason to keep fighting for myself.

Sarah Welander

I know how many great things the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation does and I hope that all who contribute to it know that they are really making a change in someone’s life.

Tamara Fuentes

Joining Phi Sigma Sigma was an unprecedented twist of fate for which I am forever grateful. I cannot wait to help others in the same way they helped me.

Hope Bauer

I was the first in my family to attend college. Without the support of my sisters during my undergraduate years, I don’t know if I would be where I am now.

Nicole Goehring

To all the donors, please know how incredibly grateful I am for your generosity. Grad school is different than undergrad in so many ways and brings its own challenges.

Katie Dills

These scholarships mean so much to me and the rest of the recipients. Thank you for believing in our hopes, dreams, careers, journeys, and accomplishments.

Angelyn Escalona

I remember the moment that I received the educational grant. I was jumping up and down in my room, calling my mom, and felt an enormous weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Casey Moser

To me, being a Phi Sigma Sigma means that I have my sisters to support me – once and always.