Gamma Nu Chapter, Rutgers University

Phi Sigma Sigma is the heart and soul of my college memories. Every great memory I have of college revolves around the events. activities, and hangouts I had with my sisters. I met my best friends at Phi Sigma Sigma and their support, love, strength, and encouragement is something I see in every single sister of Phi Sig and it makes me proud to have been a part of that. To see the continued support from my sisters and the Phi Sig community through this scholarship post graduating and entering alumna status was something I did not expect, but will be continuously grateful for.

Graduating from Rutgers University in 2017, I immediately entered Rutgers Graduate School of Education with my sights set on becoming a school counselor. I knew paying for school myself was going to be a huge undertaking but I thought living at home would allow me to create some financial stability. Due to some extenuating family circumstances, my parents moved away and I had to move out. I was really stretching myself thin trying to support myself, pay bills, work and go to school full time. It seemed like my dream job wasn’t going to become a reality. Loans were piling up and the continuous emails about the interest growing on my loans created such a stress on my life. This scholarship has offered me a relief I desperately needed.

I always knew that Phi Sigma Sigma would play a pivotal role in my college career and to see that it has and will continue to support me through my future endeavors is amazing. I am grateful for everything the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation has given me over the past two years- hope, joy, relief, happiness. I will be forever thankful to the Foundation for seeing potential in my dream and helping to support it and I hope to one day be able to give back and support sisters like myself.