Beta Xi Chapter, Cornell University

Before going through recruitment, I couldn’t help feeling lost on campus. No matter how hard I tried, my transition to being a full-time student was very difficult. Being a first-generation student with a single parent, there were many times when I felt like I didn’t belong since everyone I would bump into seemed like they had a stronger support system than I did.

However, thanks to Phi Sigma Sigma, I found a place where I can be comfortable in, a place that I can call home. After joining my chapter, I realized that I have found a community of strong women, who are committed to helping each other overcome any strife one may be going through. My chapter has become a safe haven for me, and has allowed me to grow and thrive with the support of my sisters..

I remember the moment that I received the educational grant. I was jumping up and down in my room, calling my mom, and felt an enormous weight being lifted off my shoulders. I cannot thank the Foundation’s donors enough for their kind generosity, because now I can continue being a member of this passionate and caring community. My pursuits would not be possible without their support, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for enabling all the future opportunities I now have with Phi Sigma Sigma.