Delta Lambda Chapter, University of Washington

To me, being a Phi Sigma Sigma means making lifetime friendships, becoming part of a group of women who are smart, driven, passionate, and strong, and an enduring commitment to my community. It means that I have my sisters to support me – once and always.

Being a Phi Sigma Sigma also means a dedication to lifelong learning. I began a Master of Public Administration program at the University of Washington in order to deepen my knowledge and skills in public service. My professional goal is to work in urban cultural policy. Ultimately, my goal is to dedicate my career to my community.

When I decided to go to graduate school, I was nervous about taking on burdensome debt that would strain my modest future earnings. My Phi Sigma Sigma scholarship helps defray the significant cost associated with my degree and allows me to focus fully on my studies. The generous individuals who fund these opportunities not only help a sister in her endeavor to aim high, they also support the type of community commitment that is intrinsic to our sorority ideals. I am forever grateful.