Theta Upsilon Chapter at the University of LaVerne

Graduate Student at Brown University

I come from a household where education is not a priority. Along with the lack of academic support at home, I also attended an underperforming school. I know first-hand the results of receiving a low-quality public education, and how it inherently puts students at a disadvantage in college. I want to learn more about the influence that educational challenges have on policy-making to find solutions for such problems. Attending graduate school will help me gain the knowledge and skills required to create policies that will ultimately provide equal opportunity for all students to succeed.

I joined Phi Sigma Sigma during my first year of college. While I joined for the sisterhood, I stayed for the meaning of our Creed and for the belief of serving to a greater cause. Every line in the Creed is dear to me; however, I live by the third stanza. I not only believe in the advancement of womanhood, but I also believe women need to unite and work towards building each other up. My career goals include creating a nonprofit organization that focuses on some aspect of education. Being a Phi Sigma Sigma means being the woman in the room who seeks to help those in need.

One day, I will have the means to support others the way they supported me. Receiving this award means that donors believe in me and what I aspire to do in the world. Their award has helped a woman they do not know reach one of her dreams of attending an Ivy League institution and I will work endlessly to make them proud, because they deserve that. I sincerely thank them because they made my degree possible and when I walk down the stage in May 2019, they will be with me as part of the accomplishment.