Iota Zeta Chapter, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Going to college was something that I always knew I would do and knew that I would be taking out student loans to help pay for my degree. I have paid for some out of pocket to try and help keep my loans lower, but still getting a college education is not cheap.

I am currently in an online program to earn my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. My program is three years long and during this time I decided to add an endorsement for middle school social studies, which added more to my tuition bill each semester.

I was going into my final year of my program and it was starting to sink in that when I was student teaching I would not be able to work my full time job and I had to pay for school and my health insurance. Then I got the email from the Phi Sigma Sigma foundation for scholarships. I didn’t know if I would qualify for any of the offered scholarships, but I applied still for them.

When I found out I was awarded one of the educational grants it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I do not know where I would be for my final year in my program without it. This educational grant will allow me to student teach without having to think about the financial end of school. This not only is going to benefit me, but also the students I will be working with this spring because I will be able to give them all my attention and not have to think of finances with school.

I truly am thankful for being chosen for an educational grant. I know how many great things the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation does and I hope that all who contribute to it know that they are really making a change in someone’s life.